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Treatment & Rehabilitation 


ARC - Addiction Response Crumlin


Addiction Response Crumlin (ARC) is a community-based organisation. Set up in 1996 to respond to the drugs crisis in the Crumlin area of Dublin. Over the years, ARC has developed a comprehensive and integrated set of treatment, support and rehabilitation programmes working from the bio-psycho-social model.

Current services include access to:

  1. Methadone Maintenance

  2. Stabilisation and Detoxification programmes

  3. Cocaine & Poly-drug use/ Alcohol misuse programmes

  4. Under 18’s programme

  5. Recovery and Aftercare services,

  6. Family Support,

  7. Counselling

  8. Holistic Therapies.

ARC also provides a major rehabilitation programme aiming to facilitate the progression of recovering substance misusers through rehabilitation into mainstream employment or further education.
Through this wide spectrum of services, ARC delivers holistic person-centred addiction recovery programmes, which are appropriate to the needs and circumstances of each individual service user.

Keenly aware of the destructive impacts an individual’s substance misuse can have on their family and on their community, ARC engages directly with families through our Family Support Services and the Strengthening Families programme. ARC remains closely rooted in and connected with the community we are part of. We work to build strong networks and partnerships through all our activities.

The experience of ARC demonstrates the vital contribution a local community can make to respond to the problems of substance misuse. The organisation is widely acknowledged as one of the strongest and most effective community addiction projects in the country

WGRC -  Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre


About Us

We are a community-based initiative providing information, support and counselling for those affected by substance misuse, gambling harm, and mental health difficulties.

Our mission is to continue to provide the highest standard of Addiction and Mental Health Support to the people of Walkinstown and Greenhills. We believe that people possess great strength and capacity within themselves to cope with and overcome the problems facing them in their lives and that through fostering a belief in the person’s potential for change and focusing on the value they have as people, we have witnessed individuals emerging from isolation and despair into able, confident people realising their ability to participate in their families and their communities. Our Vision is to provide a community-based resource to the people of Walkinstown and Greenhills that is accepting, empowering, and inclusive to all. To provide highly professional services that reflect the qualities of equality, solidarity, and inclusion. The services we provide are confidential and low cost.

Youth Services 

Youth Services

Clay Youth Project

Clay Painted Banner on street.jpg

CLAY facilitates a wide range of programmes and activities for young people

in the Lower Crumlin Area, aged from 10 to 21 years.

Based in Lower Crumlin, we're a community based Youth Project. CLAY provides a range of services to enhance life skills and opportunities for young people in the area. The set of values which will guide the organisation in carrying out its mission statement are:

Young people-centered

This encompasses the idea of empowering young people by giving them skills and opportunities to make decisions and choices about themselves and their lives.

And that all decisions made in CLAY will have the young people at their centre.


This is based on a commitment to the principles of Youth Work.

And linked to the ideas of respect, understanding and openness.

Working together

This is related to the concepts of co-operation, solidarity, integration and cohesion - in terms of providing a service and working in unison for and with young people.


This is related to the point that the organisation has a purpose as described in the Mission Statement and that when work is being done it needs to be mindful of that purpose.
It is working against the idea of activities for activities sake.

BRÚ - Youth Services


Bru Youth Service is a voluntary youth organisation. We work with young people aged 10-24 from Crumlin and Walkinstown. 

The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) fund the service. The City of Dublin Youth Service Board (CDYSB) administer these funds. We also host a Garda Youth Diversion Project. The Irish Youth Justice Service (IYJS) fund this project. Our work focuses on those young people in the community that are most in need of a service.

A voluntary Board of Management manages Bru Youth Service and employs:

  • 4 Youth Workers,

  • a Project Leader,

  • a Financial Administrator,

  • and a Porter.


Bru Garda Youth Diversion Project employs

  • 2 Youth Justice Workers,

  • and a Project Co-Ordinator.


We also have a C.E worker, sessional workers, volunteers and students on placement. We place huge value on volunteers who give their time to work with young people. We commit to continuous improvement through training and development. We do this to help improve our interactions with young people and the community.

The Bosco -  Youth Centre

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Now in existence over 70 years the centre strives to be relevant to the needs of young people in Drimnagh and their families. We like to think of the Bosco as being a vibrant, fun and busy place where the views of young people in particular are valued and utilised in the development of activities and services.

Although primarily a youth centre we also provide activities for all age groups with an ever changing range of activities.

Since being divested from the Catholic Church in 1996 the centre has been managed by a voluntary board of directors. The centre is supported financially by a range of government funding which allows it to employ staff, run activities and maintain the building.

The building is open 7 days a week, 51 weeks a year.

Domestic Violence Services 




Our Mission

To provide safe, supportive and confidential services for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach and support an ever increasing number of families in Irish Society, who deserve respect, dignity, safety and freedom from domestic violence. Through our team of professional, caring and committed people our primary focus remains our commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations and the services we offer to our clients and the community.

Our Values

We believe that …

  • Nobody deserves to be abused

  • No person should ever have to experience the torture of being abused by a ‘loved one’

  • No one should be alone in carrying the burden of blame, shame and judgment perpetrated upon them

  • Early educational interventions with young people entering intimate relationships are key to combating domestic violence in future generations and breaking the cycle of violence

We acknowledge that

  • Domestic violence is a serious and life destroying crime for which the client is never responsible

  • Is a cycle of abuse that only escalates with time

  • Occurs in all walks of life – all classes, creeds, ages and races

  • Is an unequal balance of power and control that an individual holds over another in any intimate or close family relationship – husband and wife, same sex partners or adult children and an elder parent

  • Takes many forms including physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, financial abuse and coercive control

 We commit to

  • Empowering our clients and facilitating them in having a voice

  • Listening, hearing, believing and respecting those who contact us for help whether they plan to leave an abusive relationship or seek support in staying safe in the relationship

  • Working in a non-judgmental environment supporting clients – only they know the reality of their abuse

  • Maintaining a confidential service for all our clients and ensuring that we always work according to Children First

MABS -  Money Advice and Budgeting Service


MABS is the Irish money advice service. We have been helping people to deal with problem debt for 30 years.  

If you’re struggling with debt and need help, we’re here for you. You can get impartial advice from MABS to help you manage your money and take control of debt. We offer support online, over the phone and face to face.

Take back control of your money by taking the first steps with MABS.  

MABS is free, confidential and independent.

Partnership  Office


Dublin South City Partnership is a local development company which addresses issues of disadvantage, unemployment and social exclusion in Dublin South City

Dublin South City Partnership is a development organisation committed to proactively encouraging, facilitating and supporting the delivery of locally focused and tailored provision of statutory and other economic educational and social resources to all communities in the area. It embraces, encourages and practices the concepts and values of Partnership, inclusion, participation, integration and equality in order to achieve its objectives, and aims to eliminate disadvantage, social exclusion and long-term unemployment through holistic programmes and action.

(01) 473 2196

Emergency Contacts


National Helplines

Pieta House Helpline (Suicide & Self Harm Services)

Provides a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. 

Address: Canon Troy Court, Chapelizod Hill Rd, Chapelizod, Dublin 20.

Call: 1800 247 247 (24 hour helpline)

Text: HELP to 51444


Provide emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide. 24 hour helpline and face to face listening service available.

Address: 112 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1.

Call: 116 123 (24 Hour Helpline)

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

National organisation offering a wide range of services to women and men who are affected by rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment or

childhood sexual abuse. The services include a National 24-Hour Helpline, one to one counselling, court accompaniment, etc.

Address: McGonnell House, 70 Lower Leeson

Street, Dublin 2.

Call: 1800 778 888 (24 Hour Helpline)

Women’s Aid

Provide helpline, support, outreach and court services for female victims of domestic violence.

Address: 5 Wilton Place, Dublin 2.

Call: 1800 341 900 (24 Hour Helpline)

Instant Messaging Service available on:

7 nights a week from 7pm to 10pm

Text Service for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Women available daily on 087 959 7980


National service supporting men and their families experiencing Domestic Violence in Ireland. Provide a national helpline, counselling,

practical support and legal advice.

Address: St. Anne’s Resource Centre, Railway

Street, Navan, Co. Meath.

Call: 01 554 3811

Child Line

Listening service for all children and young people under the age of 18 in Ireland. Private, confidential and non-judgemental and can be contacted for free from anywhere in Ireland.

Call: 1800 666 666 (24 Hour Helpline)

Freetext: 50101

Live messaging service available on


Provides support to people affected by depression, bipolar disorder and related mood conditions. 

Address: Aware Head Office, 9 Upper Lesson

Street, Dublin 4.

Call: 1800 804 848 (10am – 10pm Daily)

Drugs/HIV Helpline

Provide support, information, guidance and referral on anything to do with substance use and alcohol.

Call: 11800 459 459

(Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm)



Parent Line

Support, guidance and information on all aspects of being a parent.

Call: 1890 927 277 or 01 8733500

Mon – Thurs 10am – 9pm, Fri 10am– 4pm


A national confidential listening service for older people provided by trained older volunteers. Also advocates nationally for older people in Ireland, representing their needs, concerns and wishes to media, the general public, politicians and key stakeholders.

Call: 1800 804 591 (10am to 10pm)

Victim Support

Support, inform and empower victims of crime and all those impacted by crime.

Call: 116 006

Text: 085 133 7711 Mon – Fri 10am to 5pm Sat 2pm to 4pm

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