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 Addiction Response Crumlin- this service is based in Sunshine Industrial Estate and on Cashel Road. Have a look to see what services it provides

The Strengthening Families Programme (SFP) is an evidence-based 14-week family skills training programme that involves the parents and teens/children in three classes run on the same night once a week. Families enjoy a meal on arrival, then parents and teens /children engage in separate skills based sessions for 1 hour. This is followed by a family skills session in the second hour, where skills are practiced with parents and teens/children. This is run each September in the Dublin 12 area. Referrals taken from March-June. Please email for more info.

Turning Down the Volume is a unique short animation film that was developed in collaboration by two Local Drug and Alcohol Task Forces, Dublin 12, and the Canal Communities. It was developed to highlight the increase in the availability of alcohol in two neighbouring areas of Dublin, and to raise awareness of the link between the availability of alcohol and alcohol-related harm. 

WGRC -  Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre


We are a community-based initiative providing information, support and counselling for those affected by substance misuse, gambling harm, and mental health difficulties.

Our mission is to continue to provide the highest standard of Addiction and Mental Health Support to the people of Walkinstown and Greenhills. We believe that people possess great strength and capacity within themselves to cope with and overcome the problems facing them in their lives and that through fostering a belief in the person’s potential for change and focusing on the value they have as people, we have witnessed individuals emerging from isolation and despair into able, confident people realising their ability to participate in their families and their communities. Our Vision is to provide a community-based resource to the people of Walkinstown and Greenhills that is accepting, empowering, and inclusive to all. To provide highly professional services that reflect the qualities of equality, solidarity, and inclusion. The services we provide are confidential and low cost.

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